• LSiF/X
    (Home Speakers - Surround Speakers)

    The point of a great home theater is to replicate the experience of a real movie theater (sans that tall guy who always ends up sitting right in front of you). Lower the lighting and immerse yourself in the movie experience. In a cinema, speakers are all around you, reproducing soundtrack information from many channels of audio, including directly in front of you and behind you. When characters speak, their voice appears to eminate from the screen. When it rains, it seems to rain all around you. To achieve this level of realism, you must consider the components that are built into your center and surround channel loudspeakers. If you're building an LSi Series home theater system, you should be sure to use only the LSiC Center Channel Speaker and a pair of LSiF/X Surround Speakers. Identical components, including the exact same tweeters and drivers, insure an utterly seamless, incredibly realistic surround environment. It's the boost of realism your high powered LSi Series home theater needs to put it over the top. Go beyond the local cinema, right in your own home, with LSi-level home theater realism.